You deserve a better deal
on your pharmacy benefits.


Flipt can help
with that.

Flipt was built from the ground up


as an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical benefit managers (PBMs).
Here’s what we can offer your business.

Custom-tailored approach

Every business is different, so we don’t use rigid prior authorization processes, step therapy, or formularies. We’ll listen to what you need and help you find the best solution for you and your employees.

True transparency

As an employer, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for your benefits. Employees get to see the real costs of medications with no mark-ups. And we pass on all savings or rebates from manufacturers to you to share with employees.

Real-time spend tracking

Employers can monitor their drug spend using our dashboard. And as soon as an employee’s doctor prescribes a medication, they know the cost, whether it needs prior authorization, and if there are alternatives to consider. No more surprises at the pharmacy.

Compelling incentives

Flipt engages members and uses cash-back rewards to guide them toward smarter decisions about their prescriptions. That saves money for both you and your employees.

Comprehensive support

Employers get simple RFPs, easy-to-use tools, state of the art analytics, and ongoing guidance on navigating their benefits. Members get our user-friendly app, web portal, and Concierge—customer experience agents and pharmacists ready to help at every step.


Up to 40% savings

We can dramatically lower your
current pharmacy benefit costs.


experience for HR

Benefits that are easy to understand
and built for your business


Engaged employees

Members get more control — they’re active participants in managing their benefits.

Put the power of Flipt to work for your employees.

Flipt can be a lot more than your drug benefits manager. We can be partners.
We’ll work hard to help your business and employees thrive.

Let us prove it. Get in touch, and we can
use your data to project how much you could save.

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